Structured FM crossreferences do not convert in Responsive HTML links
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Thomas Zeisig
2018-12-06 13:49:37 UTC
I have a structured FrameMaker 2015 file with crossreferences of the following type via the LinkToNode Attribute:


and the IDQV Attribute:

<NAME IDQV="HMI-00112">Setup:Blocked Plunger,Contact Site</NAME>

The portions are in one chapter file of the book.
The portions will end up in two different HTML files.
When publishing the book to Responsive HTML or to Web Help the crossreferences get lost and no link is produced in the HTML.
What needs to be adjusted that this works?

In my EDD
The attribute LinkToNode is defined as ID reference
The attribute IDQV is defined as Unique ID

The HTML result ends up in a dead link
<p dir="ltr" class="FM_ExplanationTab">Details see <a>&nbsp;2-6</a></p>

When I generate a PDF from the book the crossreference links work fine.

Any idea?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Best Regards

Thomas Zeisig
Teamleader Documentation & Graphics Services
Cohu Inc.


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