A few questions about FrameMaker 2019
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Pat Christenson
2018-12-06 21:26:09 UTC
Hi -

I'm doing some research on the "new" and "improved" features in FM 2019. We haven't purchased or downloaded a trial so I'm limited to the information I find online. Adobe lists features that I can't find any information on (at least, not using the terminology in their announcements) in the 2019 Help or User Guide, so I hope someone in the group can clarify these.

* Add/delete workspace menus: Can you actually delete (or hide) menus or is this just the custom workspace function from 2017? Is there anything new/notable about it?
* Enhanced mini-TOC: How is it enhanced?
* Resize pods: 2017 lets me resize pods now. What's new here?
* Smart filters in pods: What is this?
* From the Update 1 information, it appears the PDF generation function has been fixed and the app now scales across monitors. Have you found this to be true?


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