An easy one
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2018-11-02 16:36:13 UTC
Take an existing multi-page document that contains only Right and Left
master pages.

1. View the Master Pages.
2. Add a new text frame to one master page and give it a unique flow tag
(let's say ZZ), and mark the Autoconnect checkbox.
3. Add a new text frame to the other master page and give it the same flow
tag (ZZ in this case), and mark the Autoconnect checkbox.
4. View Body pages and add text to the new ZZ text frame. Add enough to
make it add text to the ZZ frame in the next page.

When I do this, Frame inserts new blank pages to house the overflowing
text. I would have thought it would have put the overflowing text into the
ZZ frame on the subsequent existing page.

Even though they are both marked for Autoconnect on the master pages, the
Right and Left ZZ frames appear not to be connected to each other. This is
unlike the preset A text frames, which definitely have connected Right/Left
text frames.

What I want to do is remove all of my auto-numbered image captions from the
A flow and put them into their own flow.




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