Framescript question
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2018-09-19 21:30:22 UTC
I have a fully licensed purchase of Framescript5_100. It was installed and
registered for Framemaker 10. I updated to Framemaker 12 quite a while ago
and for various reasons, I did not need to use Framescript until and of
course, that's when I realized that the option that I thought I was missing
is there in FM10. How can I transfer my transfer my license from FM10 to
FM12? I am no longer using FM10, but need Framescript for my FM12

I thought that I could download an evaluation version from the website and
then update w/ the license information accordingly, but there is not an
evaluation version available anymore.



Tammy Van Boening

Tammy dot vanboening at spectrumwritingllc dot com



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